Wednesday 6 December 2023

'license' in the

 weirdo Socratics...

over the year

the last one the only one that matters in mine own life...

" license" is the word that works

Deployed a lot on Sundaygone

And i "listen" ... i told the dream specialist of the one i had a year ago, nearly...

" i was sat facing her just speaking sanely and calmly about maybe little human inconsistencies many years observed... especially in greengoddess world... i had given up even bothering about...i did my bit

" and  the only woman i wushed ever to be at one with...she was   stabbing into my throat with a swordstick or one of those  fancy thin swords the actual rulersof her county... the ex public schoolboys  bought it all years ago for their plsyground, like...

" but i was laughing.. not AT her... for... us all...the universal stuckness and ... whatever...and it was a loving laugh...i didnt nind at all her reaction...... i awoke middle of night laughing still in the dream i was laughing within too... it truly was a bliss and ecstacy .... i have never had a dream that also was bodily ...except male full bladder ones theyre obvious and only prostrate related.... i still ponder ... what the heck was it !!?.."

" but have you thought my man in our dreams we are both characters all characters in the dream.... "

" gee whizz.... thats wise!!! .i never for a second thought of it that way...... yes... that kindof fits... i knew all the fine words over 20 years..  were useless ... and i was perhaps telling myself  to shut up waste of time  and mean it...."

but stupid ininteligent google cannot even find the right link from with google owned blogger 

so heres the best summary swordsticks included

never mind the fact that a truly great artist.... 

invented the real tango

the real one

all the way

pethaps continuing