Wednesday 6 December 2023


my midsummer
this year's 6th
avenue du

i mean all these moaners ... the rev even said at my fathers birthday slash  memorial..
  and 70 years later, actual deathday memorial

he was actually speechless
all he could say was as he entered the pew
" please  look at the one number on the front of our program of service...  6-6-06"*

Esti and me sat in the pew

near piddled in pants holding back the giggles

i already told  her, ref eulogies " gee whizz i never heard such bullshit spin lies and deceit in my life"

 so my midwinter


half a year on

i survived

* =

 but bloody hell i wish i had had the time

no idea why, large church.. a 'memorial service' attended by several hundred business chronies... and her.... i had no knowledge of ..they all did..( damaged black sheep richmans daughter ... those drugs my ohhh my )

few actual 'friends'....

a month later an email off to selfpitying sexist death cult central

 " vic... please believe me this is no critique in any way... in fact it made me laugh... really... please tell me why the reference to the three sixes..  as his firstborn i am just curipud... poor dubious chappie not his fault, that time very weird for the new leviathans he thought he was British new men of the 60s...  i  only really survived by learning how to laugh over time ... i am simply curious why that reference?"

i wish i had time to go back

and research


" dear sir we have no records in our records of any service on that day, or in your family name"