Monday 4 December 2023

love, the job

 The Job.

I don't do hyperbole.

" don't believe the hype"  wise songline of the eighties... was it

Sadly no one embodied that wisest line, and kept it in their every gene


( the writer she even joked " oooh we have fragile x chromosone... funny innit... we are special..[ that nuanced untranslatable skit on the specialness of sll the precious... she alone has... in the den of the ultra precious]  ")

I certainly don't do " at last i have found ...home..!.."

Because homes have to have two at the burner...

And the 

... fixing

and rotten wood salvaging...

and above all

is equality

and that cannot be found  but the next best is a huge unloved lovely field ( s facing) and barns...

that hadnt had any live for years...and

Needs some ' mutual benefit' ... as its lived in by a humble poor non landowner ..

i just hope that  the long chat ... rural folks know  " the job" ...

is above all personal politics, assumptions  feelings even...

was for real

even use of a fire...

but in SPACE... acres of space

no faux hippies around with drugs and littering bottles


its time to build my own