Friday 8 December 2023

 ferk me... i never look at views or stats

anyway bet 



the feds on me they all do...

only because you have these silly people making comments i never look at i ess going to yry change welcome page of youtube to

 " really... just a splurge to sort of go along with various words here  but you have to start from the in fact moreso in audios from early summer, ten free books eithin best mindfulness,  and how to always sleep perfectly guruing you will ever find..for free... but first incomplete draft i have all the some in the world maybe one day some dots get joined"

and it says 21000 views i thought it was about 500

dont subscribe to youtube cos if a few hundred did then what with your viewing stickiness  and subsxriber numbers youtube starts to pay... and i can at least lie on the digital nomad application form for the beggars of Croatia who will let almost anyone in who has a bit of digital dosh...

and then i will meet nice people who will actually DO what they say they are doing .. and be far too busy hsving a real human life than in this sceptic  little  hospital pan the kind used to save the chopped off balls of those whos parents  are only.. failure gently and intelligently show them what a real man or woman is...oops...was... 

and i still dont  know what the line means even if i certainly have the most romantic book ( fairytail format no will believe) ever on a range of little plans

for only one purpose

that will fail


 theres no success like failure failures no success at all 

gotta be mad to write that

 nearly:  she 

Mizz no poor lost british public schoolboy  crawled  up her drainpipe when she were at The 'ladies to get confused if he was at the right end or right hole  on his way to the janitors next door

was doing a critique of the utterly dreadful, Cat Power

radio 4chan about 4 weeks ago and no amount of oggling can find her  truly seminal snide comments on a mans attitudes to sex woman and things like that she has no idea what they are as hes famously coy...

Cat Power singlehandedly destroying whilst 

'recreating' the great 66

" i dont believe you...youre a liar... "

47 subscribers thats a lot of feds keepin an eye on ..i dont think ive ever had a subscription in my life

i did once to Prospect... from day 1..until they became a con operation too

anyway...too late

time to hibernate

failure is a lovely thing when you know you did your best

and why

just some poems to maybe finish