Friday 8 December 2023

seaguls cont but so draft its daft

 sat by the quay

one of two rather




note on v2 

i saw them often summer gone

there ( here) they come for lunch

then teatoo

posture hunched

peckin at the  tourits chips

youngsters bought up to whinge ... 

 craven needy 

feed me 

or else i will be beaten black and blue

or worse .. seagul hearse

you can see it in my eyes .. 

[hmmm... im not in the mood]

but dawn... 

as if their timepiece set to the peace and quiet  of hours to go

to begging duty and all that show

they are themselves,  i never


strong calls of love and territory and can you soar faster than me

without wasting chip fat energy

laughing i know theyre laughing jesus i can see the smiles on their faces from a killometer away

gracefully bullet straight they fly the cliffs 

with their mate

millions of years natural engineering 

surfing the upflow such perfect steering

but their sound

quaysound the lifeless beggar squak...

lost in  acting for the human


free just for me... 

calls of only dignified harmony 


now that really is a beautiful "bird"

in her home environment

shame she begs  bored tourist time 

and chips

but lifes a compromise

unless you change