Tuesday 26 December 2023

memory, whoever you are

 ..if you meant it you want to be a writer.

In a sort while i put here an example of a dire writer..

boring London egomaniac, bad writer, as ALL city based writers are

no memory.

Memory is Be ing..too

I remember every word of one year... to date. And most other things for many years..

that is being "human" and also how we may find lessons to pass on

I remember almost every word of a few months in 2003 in a place of the most human humen i have ever known.

The last ones...

Midnight Express Portuguese hellhole ... not really, they all knew love and humanity..and we did loads of sunbathing and chess with the most superb of them all the Rumanian taciturn chess genius

After a few weeks,  so often hearing it on the radios of the others

number 1 in the Portuguese charts summer 2003

" Louis... its just so perfect..itvjust takesme somewhere not here....even if i wouldnt have missed meeting you for almost anything... please tell me... i feel what it is about but tell me what the words mean.."

" simon...i dont know the words to help you..[ despite his perfect English] ...but. every man in here lives what it means..embody it....you have seen this... it is for their souls... dignity...stoicism... whatever..."

of course silly me

it is maybe


East European avant garde cant ever bring us to... so is so boring... been there done that decades ago...

Waste of time

there is only soul... and light... the good version.. that lasts, is how to live,  and even today the last morning at the creek memory of this song  brings a good tear to my eye

melodama and weirdness is for kids

and writers need to remember what they put in a text the day before

because past 50 all there is is the GOOD stuff to "pass on".

... pondered and developed via good memory..

anything else is trying to hang on to youth...long gone ( as every stupid English i ever mert seems addicted to...and jt never ends well)

growing into ones lined face ... i like

is real bodily balance