Wednesday 6 December 2023

Novax' lot would have wone if

 as i prepare to return.

To th'ouse of Salt.....

Now i know in there rather than the dreadful Grayling loved, Ursula luvva...

oh you google the one where, house of something or other.... he pumps into his students " mankind to remain kind... must lock up in a basement and torture a little girl... every day"  fuck off back to bongo bongo land  

there is simething so precious it had disappeared extinct several decades ago

Britain and Amerca had the greatest modern culture ever

( friday wassit ?  yes.. the first new dawn day " zoe yabber yabber... look you have bright eyes and are correctly novax and all of that but was just a weird anathama self putying time... anyway you KNOW due your scientific background that it is never binary ... some gene is off or on....  the fucker squirms... he STILL... demands " schitzophrenia is 10 % genetic...."  as we know that means its fuckin parents fuckin teachers fuckin society .... but you need simple cut-through rhetoric like oggle "  dalymotion why did i go mad" and anyone can see him squirm for themselves...  and tell them Bentall  topsych..told the most scary lovely fellow human loons ever... "lets just forget the drugs now...  there are better ways"... 

snd he correctly implied we know nothing ..

Anyway i know one thing. No woman or man retailer of lovely  extremely beautifully handmade things encountered on selling a few small things duty... can possibly ever  say " yes i hear you ...thank you for your compliments and thoughts .... we make them by hand and put in our love... yes i know they would sell well...... yes we have food to stick in her gob....but i dont want to sell more than  just a few things... for the sake of the planet ....and anyway selling things or services corrupts everyone.."

her selling at the salt... now it's safe... to return.

ehhh yes... 

i am so scitzoid its daft, but  blame the musac

al influences

oops with sunglasses

not surprising even shetoo went bitter and angsty in her older age

To Be cont...