Wednesday 6 December 2023

well i never...

 Little Miss Has Her Match

outdoors... tough as hell...

please bloody note

( not that anyone can read any more, according to Meg and mate, its largely men

a good one at last!  no moaning about sex or sexuality ..


i have many little bridging videos...

i.e. a 5min load of rubbish... turn off camera to save battery... then a bit forgotten comes to mind... make a minute on that essential bridging matter... and tgen perhaps a longer bit of films i NEVER ever plan... and never watch.... but i am merely dumping on youtube the larger chunks merely to get them off the camera or it would be full ... and the little bridging bits i have never had QUIET!@!@! time with an electrical socket to concentrate on fixing this do it makes sense.... yet

i know i should one day...The lady in red was told what my full time concern and occupation was.... 

another example of TRULY LAZY eco terrorist bastard (i have many from mid 2010s of MY failures to protect mother natures footprint) because many times i have looked at that ulanzi and thought the springs drop  but there must be a way of  fixing it so that yet another bit of tech doesnt have to be thrown away as now unusable... but i thought she was more important than... doing my duty tothe planet 
so its MY fault

but i care to seem a BIT coherent here....edting
all finish
The end