Saturday 16 December 2023

 all of which in THIS medium may seem ranty

me... exact opposite... never slightest angst

in fact 

moral of story, get your innevitable false allegations against you in this awful land

as early as possible...

in my own case i still feel waves of foul tasting  sewerage  flowing over my tjoughtd now and again from the first 21 years ago 

despite  me irganising a witness..  her friend FROM the army cadets... 

the mother of my lass  seemed to think she could make up a load of shit..   and her army woman friend would as well as writing lies in official statement for.... come and put her hand on the stand as well and repeat them...

had those judges correctly sanctioned  that liar maybe a lot of tax payer cash wouldnt have been wasted

but thats ancient history

when i hear someone tell me after asking has she ever been hit  ( my own daughter of course brainwashed 14 years ago that was a feature, she reveals in Bolivia... out of blue....  when it never appeared in 10 tree loads of  written 'complaint' 7 years earlier..i won)

" yes and my response was i just felt sorry for him"

i knew .."thank god she is unlike all English i ever meet or hear....  wise...and human...and wise.."

( but dont worry ... in my own case far more a case of a very sick militaristic  man ... desrted his own kids before he ever met the mother of mine...doing far more of the warfare.. using the mum as his proxy ... to vent his own sick lack of being any kind of a man. .  never mind father.. just used some hapless fault for... .not knowing then quite how essential it was to get her away grom this land ..but i did know... thats why i took up with her... bruised from became ... disengenous Katrina..." find anyone who is not English.." 30 years ago i fault.... bit of bookselling money, comfort ...nice walking.... and you forget what you knew for sure.. . fault to forget what years of understanding what on earth these people are..knowing the truth and thinking somehow they will be changed.. or just complacency from some comforts and even a lovely new life in your life..... change takes a long long time.... )