Saturday 16 December 2023

" what is your truth"?

 the moment of truth

in the ancient texts.

A question too much and in fact a wrong one.. 

a mistake.

Almost a narcissism.

Caused by this notion any human connection by any device is ever any good

i am not entirely stupid.

But i do know one tjing or have only one quandary.

Mondaygone i thought i had one wiser person explaining her "truth"

" my far full of false allegators"

so i gave her in return a useful very sad  truth help her.

If ( the bbc ever forget)  and the bug years can be laughed at

or some LIFE AFFIRMING tales.... acceptable in the culture...


of the most glorious happy winter of my own last 14 years and i full well know for seceral young women...

were to be told more professionally in a little true book

should i spoil it by telling a 

final truth

as i told only one to help her..monday

" fact is ... photo at bottom .. me sort of hugging two women .. well .. the older, queen of lies and false alegations..i knew so i took precautions and in any careplan discussions, even if it was necessary to spend 5 quid of her inherited money, on her real care  [ i set up very professionally including having the rats she actually ' hoarded which were eating her one else even noticed ir cared about...for years" exterminated] i would always have recorder on and  witness  the farmers wife recruited for just that ...but the younger woman... i sort of knew but did try..  find a way.... she was tolf this was ONLY fir the childrem...i thought as he had her own 3 year old... she wouldnt sabbotage...with attempted false allegations .. six months later.. but i was wrong...  even if talk about in the right to have a precautionary ...solution.... "

(" surprused its not man on woman falsies you make  .. sorry i saw you comming months ago...  your false allegation of fiscal jiggery pokery ... take it to the cops.. who will love to laugh at you when my witness to every penny tells them the truth" )

of course i didnt spoil it even more, explaining how even said FW.. managed to skive... every time i asked her  for a bit of a hand steadying gateposts... or just company at it days on end only two false allegators on site ( yhe younger one gradually stealing the site for herself ..bully boy ex ..  wont cuddle in the haybarns she lamented ..  she  sometimes has as sidekick om site... with his gun despite being asked to keep guns away as some of the kids dont like the bunny killing... go hunt bunies elsewhere... what a couple is FOR at times... getting away with murder  or just dominating even if with bad intent"

nope too busy getting paid to sweat with them... by fat rich wobbly  incommer townies to even  help out where own kids are getting free riding

6 months REAL  gorgeous so happy..' community' .. then becomes sadly as fake as all the rest

But it would spoil the fairy tale, that was true for a while ..if that were  known as the true real life  ending

But i do know the 'ending' is when someone so seemingly smart ... selling "this makes you very smart" absurdly expensive coffee with a bit of mushroom powder innit...cannot even say " thanks for sharing that it is good to know i am not alone "

never mind of course ignore a wise solution suggested nor have the manners to even acknowledge..

no manners

years of just no manners...

poor lambs

no one needed any feyboy Jordan to say anything .. 

just lost sheep with no manners

only the rather lost shepherdesses to herd em..over the cliff