Wednesday 27 December 2023

Purpose... is Woman and Man

one of the few who DO get even better middle age

to be built more later.

4  audio files

the 4th ( in file sequence numbering) is Rob's story i heard at 4am awoken by the storm

and cried the good tears.

Even if he is just  not so much as wrong, but being younger, nope... when you pass fifty you can rightly let go again,  into letting down the "Thames Barrier" to emotion and pain and confusion

nope... go all the way.. let the tsunami overwhelm... put yourself right into the path of her tsunami...

 sat at her river Christmas day...

.. even I not so good at these things,  can deal with the "tsunami"...  i think quite well.

But I  do still wish i could relate a story as perfectly as he did

Here are 2 of my own.

the 2nd and 3rd audio

 And an intro .. first audio, on womam and man ..

sorry..if any " art of relating" 'counsellor',  or even poor little lost  Eckhart, can do any better, i would like to know

4 files in folder.

guide below to single files 


my 'divine coincidences' only relate to the UNIVERSAL thinking through of good relations between woman and man...any woman and man... starting with young woman and father... a foundation .. ( bodily, too, so the science says) and .. woman man , more important a fundamental universal particle than even parent and child

 unintended consequences, silver linings of the worst event ( for another)

'timing' between  couples meeting is for youngsters, over 50 you should be able to grow up and see beyond artificial timing timings...

the couple is the fundamental unit of all economic and societal norm.. the norm in the tribe,  still... no matter what bullshit they, the wo/man fearful.. spout


..... seperate links

Rob's story

5 min m4a audio

then out of the blue i get waffling

3 files in sequence

Woman and man pt 1 must see webpage for fullest context

files 2 and 3 me waffling   stories

in raw form in folder sbove or substack, here

i know quite well told... with several lessons therein

pt 2

pt  3