Thursday 28 December 2023

The woman from Sarajevo

Art or philosophy or ... ?

My journey ended on 25 December. In more ways than one.

A sort of  collection of what matters. Only.... left...

And thus that's it.

( oh and turns out a week ago . we meet sgain, she must put in

. forves into my quiet life and soul " those two 15 year olds in the news... well i hope they name them.... and then hang them" ... and she meant it. she even had me fooled  with her charmy smile)

This is an ignorant horrible society.... 

" are you the hedgehog mam ...?"
( later)

For the Lithuanians...
i forgot to tell you... this is art!
when i first saw her in Ludlow  artsplace lobby a yesr ago...i was mesmerised.. i had to keep coming back to see  her.... this Indian photographer changed my life... what art is for.

The End

Except i have a perspective and purpose i need to explain

All now goes on seperate pages