Friday 8 December 2023

readers/ viewers note

 the kind of hipster bearded fuckwit creeps that hypesell you  badly crap like expensive Ulanzi camera grips .. who ruined society as of the last 20 years... so smart so knowing... of course also try and be smart creeps with their online "offers" ...

i started making sick little videos encouraged by only one npn british born person a year back.... the only intelligent woman ever a personally weird way....... but then  a bit of real life also clicks in ...

 " hmmmm al the fakes i have known....done stuff for their kids...sometimes many hours ....  even the one who said 18 mths ago she may bridge to my damaged one..  was speaking [ dozens of hours face to face  on her] people pleasing poison to only make herself seem less of a self obsesed selfish  moo ... and one cannot even say as i did to many year ' best mate'.. 

" mate... if i popped my clogs in exasperation at even your people pleasing 5 years ago offering shedroof wood rennovation work to me when me in hardest of times... and you seemed to have forgotten what you said about 2 weeks later...forever [ is he a girl too?... even if chiefman at newchurch of religious Moronic bigjobs .. where they all secretly hate the homo thing] .. anyway PLEASE just remember one sentence [the many thousand others dont know why i bothered.]..  

"this little crack in the wall

 in my shed

memory stick passwords some special video

for lass 

if i am dead"

nope.... no point

years on he never even asked

" off ... 


due the gentrifyers

[ nope actuallu cos np one can ever be trusted there] how, now, no wall, alternatively can i be tasked?"

to make sure a lost lass may just know

all is well, off you go

knowing no one at all could even Be 

relied upon to

" we are gathered..

.  rotting flesh...

... but the last few years  especially... dont worry

 old goat ... wadnt bothered

and only had superb fun and truly best energy... we saw we know

theres even videohh"

nope np one can ever be relied on to do simplest post mortem simplest forever

 ' community' 

things dead easy as very happy!

so i have to show it in...

video here

but as for coherent continuity

 thought i was going nuts

videos loaded !

for you

and her ( x2)

but not in the upload list!!

w t f

and only this morning have i stumbled upon a clever smart alec youtube designer who decided to change the system

and not tell anyone

and the ' shorts' ... under 15 secs is it?

have all been put into a completely seperate section of the "videos uploaded"  ( my end of the operation)

so the little bridging ones

one dumb point to another

were lost

now found

but too late... 

for now

( point... your sick society wanna know what Warcrime she said it should be in the Hague for.?.. and is scared i will repeat that wisest statement ever of her customers.  

 ..i cannot even rely on 4 longtime nest friends or half a dozen new ones from 2020 all mums except ...her... to pass on passwords and some will stuff to a kid...

 they all ask me about...

fuckin up the junction to hell,  the lot of em... because   if one can rely on no one regarding simplest  things we may need for even our adult kids...  uk commits far worse crimes than any Novax's dad... or even bonkers Zionist..  ..

the 'end times' arrived some years ago..

may as well have  been in the Sarajevan basements ...  there is no real human life on this sceptic aisle 

i have a gorgeous  10 year most accurate chronicle of...good for me