Friday 8 December 2023




even if simply unplanned

just finger type

no idea

whats the matter here

slam poetry

that isnt

but my daily need to

say something....

simply to say

" i am still alive..

" for you..

" no youtoo

" didnt kill me"

but my seagul one 

i had the next verse


to Be 

penned soon

unless all the racket from the rest

their silent contemp

sent it off 

in the mental hearse

sorry, me

i must stop 

because the nagging 

hearse power

 are runnin clippety clop

and i know i have just one good 

new* poem within

iff internet  and phone

 off i hop

* oneonce 

so good... the poor madeup enemy

she actually had a journo read it out

from the stand, the hand on bible tower of lies

suggesting the gun was in my hand

with which a made up character


the barrel's end


 the ONE woman he knew all of life

( just following orders or hetoo would be gangraped along with all his family, then killed)

he could never forget

her 18 year old 




and he knew no other would be worthy 

of the ring he wished was in fact

the title of that poem

no matter what

on her finger


and i won that one too... a perhaps slightly literary judge who....

saw through

the plague of taking words


or is it litraly

i know... 

i learned... a good joke needs good lit

and even if notmeetoo

i know you get nowhere without a bit of a laugh

words, film, or life