Friday 1 December 2023

returning to the place that doesn't exist any more

 because all 'places' are just in our heads

I figured ... simply.... what it means to know you are back there.

that place that you thought for sure  didnt exist any more

Only because one person got digital with me a year ago - new to me, and it  broke all the last  wax sealant atop me, about  some stuff i would always hold back...

but it's not about openness so much as .. 

this morn

truly glorious perfect morn in the sun

its a shorter audio clip directly uloaded I learned a new trick :-) 

shame...bit late... as i am closing down soon..unless

20th anniversary rahh rahh shoutout to me...
of that truly weird rather momentous day

spoiled by the, as usual terrible manners, of a couple of 'beautiful people' ... 

But then i knew of their lack of daddy explaining how to behave....  years ago... 

they  these so effete rude no longer exist...( in my head)

And i shall be dead or gone before their 3 year olds have grown up and so rediculously amoral, lost... with no example of how to be human...and 

they become some next generation dangerous Letby or the like...

sunset on them....

and what's the point in drying the lined writing paper.... i guess none could ever read even a real letter.

Never again...

now where was i


simply... rule 1 pity the 'sinner' and dont let the greatest betrayal detract from the fact that the Maddy blanket given to lass as parting 'gift'  to mine lass, by the woman mother who just a few weeks earlier was adamant she was said lass's rock and friend forever...

guess she had overdosed on run-away Paulo...

or the scotch that even i had not the slightest idea she may age 40  with 2 midteens...still be guzzling half bottle at a time...

best simple life tip EVER.
discovered winters 2010 and 11
no point trying to heat even vw  campervan  when -20 for several weeks on end..  
go to hibernation. You'll never get even 5 min of warmth 
cotton pillowcases .. will be sodden in the morning, or more likely icicles...  astonishing how much water vapour eminates from nirmal healthy person in a night...  -20 or even -5 all to condense immefiately.

Felt however...if used as einter pillow cover   ( pinch one from poshshop Hay i would recommend theyre all tjieves there)  even if just the sight of it still condenses emotion in buckets.. will be bone dry in the morn 

best tip ever

that blue book, still on board
as long as every few weeks one drys out the seeping damp all is well