Saturday 16 December 2023

sad what you have to get used to

 but sadder for the violator of course... ( she was told ladt week)

missed a line... ( having met a fair few men... and one lovely bulgarian woman 2021...  she so damaged by false arrest,  a jealous older woman makes up false allegations about her..i knew her friends they knew her...  never) 

yes those little  tides of ebbin 'n flowin falsies...

meeting men and i am sure the women will be catchin ip... so so truly hurt by falsies..having endured a few they are worse than a punch..  

or even punch n deathreats for 2 hrs solid from a bulgarian made bonkers by loadsa mushies

yes life afvice, get falsied as early on in life as possible

so  as soon as possible they just become  another  repetitive boring rather irritating but irrelevent sad little duff wave ...  washes over and....

but doesnt errode the rock

( nice pic taken last week of symbolic rock coverack midbay ... still standin)