Saturday 16 December 2023

and errata

 JP on yoga

really is a rather infantile below the belt attack on standing targets.

All movement is ok,  even if sweating and getting out of breath on hilly pathways is actually good for you, and anything not sweaty and puffy past 50...  is just pretending.

its not productive to pick the low hanging easy fruit, when the real genuine damage is done by the tsunami of fake 'healers' .. who hide, such as the one who ripped off the old lady in that photo me hugging,  she does deserve one.. a hug for being 'victim' of them....

such a truly interesting 'study' of ... childhood... still decades on utterly messing around with her body.. through her mind.    .. so messed up its world record... evem i couldnt simplify cause and effect and i know about mind body ive studied it ( Sickening Mind superb)

but the  fakebook not prominent  'healer'  cos the worst type are so elusive they hide


rips her off for ten grand... so cleverly 

to heal when there is no healing

bloody obviously ( the scales said so)

even if she still is confused

because so much mumbo jumbo its impossible to even know what the 'treatment' is..was...and whether or not placebo made any difference

lets just say...

it is obvious over time what actually does and doesnt work...

because one meets the nett results

the whole industry that isnt yoga is far more insidious and should be parodied,  but as one may have supper with them one doesnt really like to ask too much about their 'proofs'.... 

for their own good, too... peddling  expensive 


makes the peddlar sick


and i care as much about the peddler as the...

to Be... continued

way way way later i must write some bad poetry to make myself feel all is perfect

when inless we are honest

it can never