Monday 4 December 2023

 radio silence.

In my silly life of nothing

every day there is something

snd i wish nothing

but one thing...

but so many little small simple new things... 

come and fill the days 

beyond belief

which righty ho has to stop

And i have my 'work' a simple chronicle


to Be

what happened? 

who are 'we'

( not me)

and have refences outside stuff to keep track of...

the woman commentator fifty toomuch...

to like herself any more

a few weeks ago i heard her

in her radio 4 chan Cheltenhsm ladys head girls voice " well his attitude to women was most troubling..."

The greatest wordsmith of the last century in the English language i dint know if Serbo Croat has such poets...

the man who wrote " whats a sweetheart like you doin in a dump like this."   . and a million better lines on woman man finding accomoation....

and asked his  own most redmspected  top of the pops

" and i need you more than want you..." 

rxcept being a sexist pig didnt say ALL by those Roches

this feminine position 

the greatest writing of all time...and a load of other Roachy ones.. 

who never tell us what to think...they painted pictures of what is...ike Tightrope....

kids toy or not....

.. hence i still sit with her that songwriter  as shes at dinner with him...  " We can discuss the menu... we can discuss the.."

wishing i could know her mind