Monday 4 December 2023

parable/ fable

 fairie tales...

that really was in fact ultimate 


of nonsense do NOT be who you know you are and they are


a few days before

( have i lost her?  i so like her 

and occasional flurries expressing her wish to speak out...on behalf of her 4 younguns ..inspired me..or brought me back only to good writing i know she could..... maybe it  my side, was too much?)

" there are no interesting people here...

" it is impossible... anyway its their fault i bet they turned her the one fine mind ... into their pet.... "

So, meaner along mainly attracted by " free food" ...not quite true it was discovered... to the very last place in the universe you expected to find.... even one good mind ..... and theres even

three or four!

" i ...noticed you... walking every day .. Koverack bay   ... " 

" frig i dont want to be noticed... and certainly not remembered ... thats the whole point! ... i schismd a year ago...  only being noticed by one person was the plan.... mind you when i realised a decade ago hardly anyone even in very rural places notices much about snyone else... its the end... no one ever   impresses me with their noticing anyone skills ... so tell me about you ..?"

wonderful true warrior 60 year old ... had enough... 

 " its all fake... and all pants... me i just every dawn chuck myself in the sea. ..but i overheard what you were speaking of yonder

. .. it would not be possible, any more than i do, agree."

 thsts not possible!

but happened

and i knew i would find only worst ever vibes

backstabbery .

" you cannot say that [ or even think what she the woman writer,  and you said quietly between yourselves    ... i had kids too and know its all true]" ...