Monday 25 December 2023

simple life: you can't have everything

 The very best atchin tan of them all 

even if they happily, lie

 " gates closed at closing time"

Being that one wishes not to be beholden to one of the batteries - so carefully curated, to get phone charge, and leave enough for engine start, as occasionally i Miss Judge and two of three batteries go too flat.  

But a plan Be: a steep hill to roll down and jump start is a bonus...Indeed small paradise... mind free of even that minor worry. 100% free mind... is good. Then you know what you wish. For sure.

Even if the predawn view is a bit military runway lights... even today

All i know is last winter: 

" i check your weather" a quaint token of really thinking of someone put into action too - Be ing bothered to, and in respect of weather   only those i value  would that ever apply to. No one elses weather have i checked for years.

And her weather  thst was also my weather in my mind, six months, became my weather. In my simple life, too.

And wow what weather. This one seems a bit lying scoundrel, too. I know it was 15 degrees bathing fully in the creek in the pre dawn today..

And being that my last two 25 Decembers have been hunkered down in 4 jumpers and a coat, in The Marches at hardly zero, degrees ..and the slightest bit be spick snd span clean  even before first light, as if i was invited to the shower below.. is just great and means i needed no favour from anyone. Not that anyone offered.  Even the wonky Christian once an adult mother on the drugs.... access to full facilities she has for free... .. of course .. lost her useful crutch called... her Christianity is 

based on care for the stranger. And i would do that many a time over several decades  especially with a young child in example.

There is no 'community' anyone says so is  harming themselves via illusion...

right.. list time.

And non stinginging Bees