Monday 25 December 2023

the pink hedgehog


Which is just another wonderful Black Swan parable as so wonderfully written by Taleb.

You never ever ever CAN know how you feel as a human until after some new event. "CHANGE" or changing your mind.  It is impossible. 

The best how to live,  even relationship parable ever.

In his gorgeous parable of a book.

 And i know its 100% true. My own life for two decades so often i caught myself  laughing to myself, even if any laughter together is ... well.... better.... i laughed yesterday...

But if no one ever CAN read any digital words .. they so get everyone spikey... never read them and think..cannot ponder...

how can anyone "relate"  anything especially if English  is a language of subtle several meanings,  all nice enough..most people want to be 'decent'. Even if it seems most have forgotten what that means..

sending a pink hedgehog picture is the same as a lovely monty python...

a symbol.... an embodiment... of laughing at OURselves... we should

Anyway just like the black swan .. unknowable in the days of British Empiricals folk had only ever seen white swans, so swans ARE white, and feel all "white" only.. lived in peoples minds  as symbolically white

 then one day some coloniser in Australia... .stumbles accross a black one! all change.

swans  to some extent feel quite different..and the language around them must also be adapted to newness

Apparently recently  soft furry hedges ... are found in S E Asia...never before even possible

but of course one isnt even allowed the chance to try and share that funny thing.... 

sort of  response to her google habit ..but i dont do that... fight back, i know how all the butterfly messages for everyone elses years of it just made everyone lost... silly... i dont need to..but just symbolising 

dont assume anything

their phones and apps have forgotten to tell them, was always the key to life