Saturday 23 December 2023

so as I and the angel riffed

 " hate...silly latterday word about something that doesn't even exist..."

dynamite is just a eay to show off. 

"Ear  pissing" .... a hard one was such a good and decent attemp via my child's manifesto in the Bill of Rights " a child should be free to express her love for either parent without fear of denigration by the other"  .. inadequate, because'good' and decent people knew.... fifty years ago even,  if  yes Katarina saw her dad chucking the beer bottle in an expression of something...i saw mine chuck a fully loaded bake bean can at his mate...  in a similar expression 

( and parent parent conflict stays in your head for LIFE learn to at least maje jokes about it as the " i am traumatised" version is not good for anyone especially you...and no one in atomised uk actually cares... if thry say they do its only fake thinking maybe they can benefit knowing you ..

Nevertheless the majority knew if you must slag off or attack the other parent, at least do it out of earshot of the children.. a few closed doors acriss the other side of the house..or go in the garden

And then if solo,  not using compassionateish words about the ex to the child, even if the other an axemurdererish banshee...  is ' parental alienation' ..

 most knew that 30 or 40 years ago...

 100% today, ( even the smug British born type who sell spirituality in places like Hay or Gwerk.. i knew many and LISTENEd . .in old region, no different here.....saw some this summer on their handovers at poopoo creek there )

cannot even stop to think before getting either genitalia out and pissing in the poor youngsters ear... even if it is simply failing to have smiley great body language in respect of the ex...)

So i faled bigger than any fool ever

.... but the tales to tell,  are  only those that make one look a little... stupid and judgemental.

First of all, though utterly an avoider of towns except for the bare necessities....

Funny thing is that this little fascistlite military industrial complex heavy ( doubtless with training contracts to train sweet little Israeli women helicopter gunship  genocideres...[ you google 'Israeli women soldiers'..loads on instagram out-ramboing rambo].....dump

It is my favourite town by far to go shopping in for many years in fact almost ever in the UK... i keep meeting the odd really really great  person... 

its bizarrre