Sunday 24 December 2023

Two Per Woodburner. Yugoslav and Central European communitarianism

All that really matters ( even if the scientist lady on friday  did understand  as she understands science" living without touch  or hugs in bed, our whole system is scientifically proven  to be bodily quite seriously compromised... studies on rats who have many systems similar to ours - endochrine etc showed decades ago,  if they live alone rather than snuggle up with others in a nest even if scrapping,  they have much higher levels of problematical damaging hormones  if they are longterm in their system, such as adrenalin and cortisol.... and they die younger and live much more stressed wrinkly unhappy existence.. than those living with routine touch and in close bodily proximity to their nestmates.. mpst of the time")

.... eight hours lovely sleep again... phase finished


hashtags, so many 'feelings' ways of Be.. ing  just a phase.

I trust this man 

" I did the hard work to research what is behind the spin ..smoke and mirrors....guess what the world percentage of  all total energy from rennewables is?? ...whhoop whoop...wait for it...this may shock you.... two point six percent!.."

long way to go....

yestermorn at 4am in waking up too early 'phase'

Climate review of the year

Two Per Woodburner. Yugoslav and Central European communitarianism 


12 degrees is utterly splendid for a bath in river or sea...

what a Christmas presie

When even the Christian vannite doesnt text back "hey you got what you need for this week all shut down?"

Which only reminds, as all i ever chronicle and ponder and prove especially as times will get harder brexit fucked it longterm...even modernminded  people revert to only family...  and anyone who thinks that was

 ' changed' ... really is just avoiding...reality