Sunday 10 December 2023

so.... REAL dancing women

 ... having trials and tribulated ones way to the end of the road

and knowing none of em can even be half a woman....

even when it prophets em....

tiz time.

that simply most glorious year in history

when the copyright thieves even forced Mister Hookey to set his catalogue

not even Most of The Time


23 june 2020

puts up

" what...youre kiddin....!... and with the perfect acousitics here in my washerwoman cave... i hope even Byron enjoyed  200 year ago.. him 'staying' with the naughty Lady of the house.. [ disgusts me as i decry infedelity]....  this is ...just.... too much!"

dump it all on dylan com at last 

and those bootleggers had time on their hands to give us the greatest gems ever...

even the mysterious one who gave us the one where e&d are actually sat next to the nasty thieving recorderman

and you cannot imagine how whilst the rest of the world was in a state of self pity, about a snivel maybe 3x worse statistically than pneumonia ...deathwise.... and i wanted it to go on forever all that lovely stopping

stopped dead hearing that ...above...

both of em!

(13 bloody years ive just figured how to do  it! 

put the link

on the  find video at my end instead of title! the years i have wasted on that moronic blogger dotcom bug!!)

tiz time

And what a regret... maube only one. Being such a fattist. ( knowing chubbies in my 20s who go on about genes when anyone who knew them knew they  neglected to go on about their 2 packets of biccies late night addiction... as the science actually says " self reporting is often a flawed methodology" ..i should cocao...)

its still a dream...

there you are late 80s...  5 or 6.. years after the truegreat .. the best ever real woman in history...had released it..

and i had worn out my vinyl of it..

in a worn out  phase of life 2nd or 3rd few weeks  in NYC... worn out..

nothing even here to thrill 

once one grows out of 3xmore booze per buck than uk...

and late one monday night in the most depressing midymtown bar  ever 3 blokes only two so pissed theyre not even dangerous ... but rather dull..

thr front door is opened

three 'sisters' are virtually poured in...

one bloke turns to me with that silly look of  "incomin.. them so pissed  wont be any prob if you're game.... fancy a pop.. and im do pissed i dont have any racial prejudices any more". 

" nahhh not for me my friend... i just sat here havin a quiet bored beer.. leaving now anyway..."

and the sisters


one stumbles up onto the stage just next to us and...

" hey... you honkey... you come dance w'me ... what you .. racially unmotivated....!" 

and though not dancin as i am prejudiced  against the cchubberatti and...

in fact i couldnt stand up  from fallin down even when ordered "  limey.... feel some if this... they dont have real wimmin bosoms back whe' you from...." 

("nope!... i just can't do chubbies even if the greatest spirit of all time...ever..".)

who no way ever could lose a few stone... i was right!


i saw the best upload ever 2021....

is perhaps the definition of   world record prejudice that yurns out to be wirld record joke on onesself...

(never mind heard whispers she thought the year before was all a load of wobbly