Sunday 10 December 2023


 .. synchronicity...?

the angels playing bad jokes

maybe we live in a hologramicity

who knows

But that really was  a divine little  coincidence, bit of trickery..  in a Quixotic bonkers  pilgremage  to i have no idea why

What an interesting chance encounter walking in the dark " dont worry i'm safe.. not a rapist..[ thry tend not to care beyond 60 ..perhaps almost look back over their shoulder to the days when...]."

And 3 mins later as we wander along the seafront.. her life story.... 

very full and frank...

 and asking about anyone interesting around and about  i get the lifestory of the only one who in this whole penindula may have an interesting one, and i thought i had lost... her promising to follow on!

they know each other well...