Sunday 10 December 2023

Something not understandable. Guruing, even 'advanced' literature, are chauvenistic towards actual lived life. 

hashtag ( they are too ugly for me) balance; 

the psyche;  dancing; bossy guruing etc 

hastag all the internet was 99% wonky bad for you i knew 15+ years ago. the 'models' of this and that  but excepting the fact the needy spivs who run all these things must "overwhelm" you with daily harassing emails,  i really think substack  is diferent i think its a good model... 

and all the not very good  great 'new minds' from awful manchild Taibbi  to  a load of others Daum etc etc etc now use it as the go to platform...

free from moronic censorship etc... 

and mine is free 

no tricks no "you get the first 45 min free but must pay for 'special bonus content' spiverisms"... free

.... and it miraculously WORKS!!

yet to expetience a bug or hang

i havent figured out how it works and you 'market,' it though .. so the  few who get nudged to it from here are in a complete