Friday 8 December 2023

the poo

 and the "juju"

Even the not very 'spiritual' 30 year jumbo jey captain, schoolfrienf... when he came to stay at my last 8 year  cave said " wow this place has such juju [ was 300 years ago a truly palatial rich folk base, built on Lord Oxford's slave money ... way out in the stix,  spreading across the parish from Titley  church to Kennel wood - where badgers would be mass murdered in 2020... by number 1 fake green aristo family....Byron spent his last summer in the uk there.. i adored it as by 100 years ago the gentry had gambled, drunk and whored all their filthy lucre    away...  and it was a 100s of hectares forgotten overgrown ' secret garden' .. to me representing.. that even the ' greatest empire of refined sugar and compulsion addicted empire of fools the world has ever seen'.. didnt last forever...nothing does... paradise...even if deathly cold and damp... me WAY better off even invan... and the photos of them gentrifying it are heartbreaking... chainsaw to the 150 year old clematis around the old yards . towering up  20 or 30 metres... them i do 'hate'... . ]..

but this is the first ultra juju here. ....

just as the last few days... hmmm... 'home'?

but talk about having to stick your head down and batter your way 'in'...   where i don't wish to