Friday 8 December 2023

much more important on SIMPLE..

 poo containers

( i have huge odes and poems to them... one day they may see the light...)

when for a decade as a chap in uk one has absolutely no idea where one is with the far more important other  gender... 

especially when you are saintly and just wish to help with their agenda


moral support

second opinion on "birds"

for Bees... ( or ea? .. i know nothing)

help with some words

 one has no idea what on EARTH planet they are on

and thus  the ( most of my) time waste...

requires such skill ..

and is a joy

so that every penny can be saved the TIME wasted on them....

an hour 



a day of digital...

a winter of deep discussion..

one has no idea if one word is ever

say what you mean

mean what you say

so the solution. very penny must be figured.

popping  here and there around my territory

 " bath there... freshish water there... en route to there...  park there .. not that parking space too far up the road.. those two there tried yested

and true. 

to   get free wifi

that one allows 

( magnificent, ACTUALLY useful 'pirates') 

weekly movie maybe

some servers block

some are wild west... 

anything goes

bit... 40gb a month paid

50p a gig

( and theyre squeezin!! 

something has happened the last  month! 

my truly ASCETIC usage of  daily data... was a gig a day ... some nighttime pod listening

the now extremely rare 

REAL writing, philosophical, poignant  radio 4play

in fact forget them now they stopped all nuance

its now only absurd bang bang and sick hypey ...weird stuff.. and even weirder  'crime' 


was a gig a day

same usage

just jumped to nearly two

little fuckers

" nothing on" as Bruce sang about "57 channels "

but twice the price to watch

another turning of the srew

nothing on

anyway where was i 

( no The Zeph wasnt that good a poet...but!! tbc)

Zeph knew 40 years ago in his one great interview i heard maybe 5 ago

" we knew in 80s phones tapped... endless oppression... but we would use it to our advantage have a laugh Miss Informing the feds down the line 

[ hahh hahh i did that 2009]

this new fangled weird opression of one has absolutely NO idea if their smiles are true...

never mind words. .

one must retain pure planning perfect skills

50p a gig

could have routed back around to free wifi

25p to upload last 500meg

if using mine

 but back around the one way two kilometers

freespot pub

maybe 30p

save 5p and... 

have total quiet( and no revolting sick dog showoff postcorvid extravaganza   of control .. new disciple she agreed 100% and did digs for dosh

given up!


 just me and the sea


just offering to help for free

( the land lady)

you never know where you are!!

so ... the goalposts

i knew years ago

save every single penny

and i have it down to the  truly finest 

Turner deserving work of art

in history