Wednesday 6 December 2023

the simple life

 ( reducing resource use and time 'n cash.. because i have a splendidly full non life...and soon its just hermitude for a few months...what winter is for..)

requires ( even of she said... one of many on my mad marriner's  ancient pilgremage to nowhere ... oh yes 2 fabulous interview recordings yesterday with true battleaxe old dears...i like them nonsense one VERY rude about silly old bags who must show off with walking poles... s

she a very old one not silly at all...ohh and her bright eyes!! )

yes i was called  "romantic"... 


but 100% the most practical person ever made,  too

good for me but  i do ferl rather chuffy about never even having to trouble the municipal sports showers...( once thought why not in St Just... a waste of time they were broken!  as is a lot in this land... so much wasted money  on fat people giving no actual social care)

its abour roaming or meandering my territory... generally only a 10 km circle limited diesel..

and planning ahead.

i knew 3 days ago it was going to be usable 10 degrees just fine temperature at predawn tomorrow

and even moreso  rain good cover for being nude in the river... not very far  from those upstream

but many many more funky photos to put up...soon

i have a good eye i eas told decades ago...

it has been busy