Wednesday 6 December 2023


why ! does this bloody thing not show up on google still -  i have several accounts must get merged 

add in study findings 6 or 9 moths ago that sow synovial fluid was thought to be benign...sloshing around like lucky seawater in the harbour...good for not much

Until some bright spark researched it in our NATURAL STATE - a million years of homo sapiens and all previous iterations being out on the beach a LOT (carrion or foraged seafood our main diet  - foraged seafood  a massive protein supply over the aeons far moreso than hunted meat even... - never believe awful white supremacist man the hunter dinosaur scientists from dinosaur ages of man - hunting live animals was a very fringe activity FAR easier to pick  up dead babies littering the ground maybe... as in Gaza and bbq them...or unloved ferrets left to starve..or just older mamouths that keeled over of their own accord meat still quite edible.)   and guess what, in natural state conditions - even 200 years ago a factor of 10 or more times more ambient uv in our daily diet - of all natural things we evolved to require to just be alive...woman or man...... synovial fluid revs up to actually doing its aeons intended job... foraging bits of arthritis within the joints and cartilage ...quite regularly ..routine.. chipping away naturally removing it as it forms.... only in conditions of loads of uv

my line i started to weave...and share ... copyright me even if with the fatal waste of time from the people pleasers and i havent quite had the time to research properly but i know "bushmen dont get arthritis"  

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even if much too late and their still moaning about a bug 3 years ago all over radio 4chan...(" ohh woe is us your victims of not being lockdowny enough" jesus christ the money and false pity grabbing miseries ...makes you feel sorry for the Pig Fucker from Eton..)  and no one will remember this ACTUAL science even the medical minister she admitted late in 2020 ... "ehh get out in the sunshine ...may save your scrofulous life!" although i heard it officially only once that whole year