Sunday 31 December 2023

The WONDERFUL woman from Wuhan

 " . . ... i dont care what they say about your dodgy labs...[ all my silly men ex friends think they can sleuth  just cos they have a dumbphone, or that it matters].. its our labs you are now working in ... that are even more  dodgy.. "

I . .even in the awful touristcrap Lizzid have a new Chinky mate... 

Best 32 year old ever!!!

We riffed for hours. A truly great mind. ( though her mate from Szechuan a bit miffed... i understand the ' single child' syndrome.... you have to accept and understand all princessiness wideeyed ( The Lebanese this May...did i say, to my shock therapy ' worked' i discovered speaking with her a week ago after 7 months sulking ...and assuming she couldnt get off the drugs chronic for 20 years! or ever out from fake damaging mindful healers) or slanteyed....

Such truly great energy!!

That needs to be published one day... all our dialogue chat



I dont know everything...

And Bees are made to sting

The very last of a series of occasional interviews...just what is this land ( uk as whole) ..really...

The truly best Monty Python jokes are on the one who knows everything.

As a ' photographic project' almost..

beautiful sublime surrealism with a sting

I spied her

Stood just outside Foulmouth Natural Store...

In the doorway 

Shelering from the storm

With a roll up in her gob....

" pray fair maiden ....sorry... i walked past and to me thats a gorgeous commentary on, i dont even know what....but such a poignant sight!!. you sweet young angel.. the backdrop of angels and mermaids central business contrick  hub .[ you should see their 'healer' noticeboards i have many photos of them, real art..]..if it were a man they would stab me in the back  ' fuck off from our doorway with your nasty unnatural habit  guaranteed to kill all inside even with a closed door'..  ... can i take your picture please... "

( 18 year old ultra healthy looking golden haired angel)

And then followed the best 30 minute interview

Ever... . 

so thrilling a young woman and then her mum joins in....

no time to take the snap

But Molly....understands ....

( " please for your own good dont come back.....ohh you know it too....  greece far safer... people still

 ...' ..." human".... '....

as in most if Europe still... 

  tell me how you feel returning home occasionally.... god you made me laugh parodying yourself 'the diving instructor who lives by her lungs still likes her 10 roll ups a day.' .. you are fucking 'HOPE'... mum... god you raised a Helen of Troy interbred with wise  Zeus, here....  yes we know.... she knows leave this sunk sceptic aisle she said she knows its getting worse..'.yes we see it each time we come back..... pure self interest pure greed...'. pure acedia if you would like a useful word.... mum promise me ... that she means what she says.... i know she does, her eyes and body say so in our chat hete.... but dont let ANY  ... inheritance/ drama /crisis... ever bring her back...other than one day to write about it all her lost homeland ... doesnt exist.....she 'comes from a place which no longer exists' she has just spent half an hour so full of real self esteem... telling me her stories  with such superb manliking confidence and she will write as she says she wishes......i wish the manhaters within could have heard.... they were watching us though...both our eyes lit up and bodies dancin' in pure unrivalled our sharing...truth. " 

 now i can apply to the home secretary for a new job.... not to keep the Tories in power.. but to save the poor lost  immos who  made the wrong


thouhhbif only based on propoganda ... industrial scale  ' soft cultural power'... you cant blame them for being...conned.


TRUEZEN .of "simple" life in film.... maybe i get to.... later