Sunday 31 December 2023

right so finish

 best bits of super SIMPLE life new film... still to do

but it means i must leave the wild winds ..

better signal


well many year rule no computers Sunday


this one bugger me its non stop

So many funny little gifts i have had since Christmas day.... even the poor ranty man used by someone...

it os a gift to be 'tested' sometimes...

I never react, ever.

I wish i had someone worth reacting for if someone was nasty to her..

( great story on that re 5 or 6 years ago, one day)

meanwhile i " listen" and take note of another's words if they truly do impress me with esteemed quiet wisdom ( and CRITIQUE of many others work...its how we evolve, its not meanness... though it seems 99% think nowadays critique means that. .)

my art genius says " all can be traced to Hogarth.... "

 another day

Yes i too like her....
Fun... saying SOMETHING....with genius...

of 4 or 5 gifts yesterday...all happenstance, none 'from' an person i know

even if ive had enough of sea creatures for a while
Beyond the " mind blowing" hype... this will likely be trustworthy? 

And now for sure backwards...filling in gaps

many nice poignant pictures

now by a miracle the laptop is 
( never happened before many boots up to nothing)