Sunday 3 December 2023

the zen ( word in progress)

 of the whole damn malarkey.

( no one can ever listen, especially those  uk born whom engage in soul 'work' and tell you.. they have)

" i am so so much better off the last two years,  after 7 years previously living in a  gorgeous ancient 300yr old  ruin.. so sublime. such exyraordinary 'juju' or even syncredent..... however literally Rachman built on a swamp,   no damp course, it had turned me and all my possessions into part this is ten times beter a life! :-)."

The casual assumer would have no simply no idea  how small-space zen flow organised i am....

once the condensation season begineth, everything so carefully kept in ( 20 year  so well looked after, still resilient) plastic folders  etc... no item ever dropped  or under any physical pressure so it may break as i nomadate ..


the breakings! i laugh

new keyboard so carefully looked after  several years packed away....

at ladt kairis time in the park at Gwerk one near petfect... july afternoon

the toughest fix of many a year.

really complicated to get old keypad out and changed with new one ( £20) 

but its lasted all of 4 months .   drspite purest careful zen..

i can fix nearly anything ... but theres a limit, where it just turns into endless absurdist poetry in motion... and breaks

people are easier being all stuff now is more than fake: designed to break ..

this is do funny ( vid.. up another day) 

All i needed 2 years ago was an atchin tan like this...

( starter it down the hill)

if only had i known... then

but then

you have earn in fiery hearths of hardest steel and stabbin



( which is twinned with 'bulletproof')