Sunday 3 December 2023

critique of Nomadland

 " ohh sorry we are only allowed to  have 'positive' thoughts and words in  sweet Gwerky on poopoo and other such places"

In the can a few days ago.

It is truly troubling movie. All are angsty and unhappily snapping! Almost no true happy zen and being in the moment in a bulletproof way..

which every even younger woman van woman i know ( i met the best ever 3 mths ago such a miraculous soul..) 

knows is EVERY matter what

you awake brighteyes and its all tabula rasa new 

And no bad feelings about anyone... or that one is somehow disadvantaged

Almost the exact opposite of what that oscar  winning dangerous film does

why...its a good thing i have them now...

though  they arent the right

who really do intend following through... they are friends now... i made them!


some  good film about what Nomadland should have shown

simple things and ways  but just as much

the dance

the energy

even if hand washing  and drying the smalls  midwinter...its all good movement and one learns new eays every day...

the smiley new day no matter what