Friday 29 December 2023

to the Oxford historian

 ... aside our rainbow

I forgot some truly seminal cultural items for you.!!! i just love helping out...

Message will be written here by tomorrow morn

But if i drop dead of boredom at no British born  fine minds i have enough time with...or not born here: 

I avoided history -  suspicious ( uk at the time of Byron and on for sure being the world renowned centre of [ mentally corrupt]  showbiz ... i.e. men who thought they were gods of thinking and the word;  and princess complex is real; and many historians have been....princesses.. i trust few of them.)

then...i read a book  maybe called rural life 17th c england ( must find exact title its a well known standard work i have it still) that gave a very different feel to real British society.. quite transformed me...  then i could i felt grapple with the other end of history, the power and money and class etc... 


... did i encounter the radio plays of Mike Walker....

and for the first time i trusted a historian .. even i dtamatist... never mind his gorgeous ultra risque, so laugh-out-loud writing is in a league of its own.... and brings it to life. For grown upd.

I think a far more real life

I have all his best historical plays in audio file...i can pass on 

meanwhile one of several works in progress

but time to build it further, simply for tjose just like you


oh yes i have a fairly decent library needs donating ... long long sought a good worthy home for it