Friday 29 December 2023



Sadly is because of even her

Meaning, for the simplest,  century old, reasons, one needs soulful well esteemed allies, who are fairly

 ' constant'

Not even " watch your back" but bolstering..a bit...mutually.

I have spent ten years meandering among 100s.... to gather just a few

but only shallowness,  stuckness, or worse have i found it seems

but it has never ever mafe me even slightly upset or even overtly " exasperated"

i did however need to ultra simplify so i could put my all into each possible ally... all just wasted my so much

so Be it


Context ( gentle, actually)

( this matters....  i have had a few sane acquaintances agree the last year, from Karen the librarian of Ludlow.... and especially here... when even custodians of public quiet spaces, cannot be.... your society is ...lost...)

And more video, to come

But i have finished! 

Life ended Christmas day...

Now infill

Please take note of full moon one  i made on full moon.

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