Saturday 16 December 2023


uggh...wrong way around...

should be this fool, who doesnt even know that painkillers for his pulled little  backmuscle are addictive drugs... 

shoukd be at the bottom of the class and post

And who cannot say to any 'man'.. 

"matey .. to be a hope unless you can get at least some of the other gender  to help sometimes in saving  salvaging good wood operations  do they wont rot ..outdors...[ as i have been doing 20 years.. back 20 years ago a few rural incomer women DID join those dots and know its work together for common good... for the body too..... and equality....but no more]

" i mean listen  to this... she could whack those drums as good as any bloke.. and get a billion views"

you cannot even go to the laundrette in Foulmouth without being assaulted ( i need to find that gine lady writer they allowed on BBC fro t row februaryish tjis year...talking about her new book she rit in Redruth,  cos she is 30 yrs old, underclass, not able to afford  a dog kennel in the incomer lands " Foulmouth and around..all a theme park" as i would say of The Marches twenty years ago... 

great USA culture  in in not so bright USA of the 70s taught us theme parks are truly dangerous places...

but then the one here  i helped out

of course she ripped me off even fir the bartered agreed fee ( in my recorder..unfirtunately you cannot even GET a 'witness' here...) " ok... youve no money left... saving the wood [even if as a result if sad hoarding disease SO many have in uk many last region]

is most important job... the job...  i see three  hoarded bicycles..unused i can tell...left in rain... ok one if them will pay for this last day...say notional value 30 quid... a deal? "

even in writing....

but... why bother

so yes.... theyre all healers healable whatever i call this objectification and using fake imagery to purport a fraud..

healing is doing what you say you matter what..

So... when uk culture was great

i got this for my 21st birthday pres from ex girlfriend stayed friends many years... humble ordinary woman at uni  then

And what do we have Kier likes the dreadful woman and jts not even  a joke

oh yes.. happiness.

dawn today

 i have years.. well 3 1/2 to be precise

of the worst kind of emotional blackmail from coop bank  who cannot even afjust your address to c/o

even america would not stoop so low ( if you are immo 

you may not know

30 years ago they went in megga marketing drive " we are the [ only] EFFICAL bank.."

and are still at it all over The Marches

from April 2020 the amount if pr money on every fay abusing my inbox with pictures of beardy hipsters always sat with brown women  bleating " hey..were here to help on your time if crisis.."  when they wouldnt even answer their phone for a year..

which just escalated abd esvalated to every dmallest news item  about some ither countrys people being hurt your i box is abused with " in times like tgese we stand in solidarity with....x y or z  " how quickly the country forgets their last chairman a coke head  mad beadt   

poor Jirdan wouldnt know no intelligence could replicate the purest paradise aroma...and creative enjoyment of

to Be


June.. cleaning the passenger side of my mobile lightmobike

and also...just in case

( al van peeps i see are it lots of the time...great thing about a small one i am OUT of mine much if the day in the light ...moving around with my body, too)