Sunday 24 December 2023

" youve been "Youve been through all that... think twice"

Art of relating 
my hat

Snuggled down early eve...done my bit..
the true art of simple living.
" outside all a hustle bustle... just enjoy the sound of the dockside buffering winds..had enough... worn out... just stop... hmm hard to find the perfect film that  takes one back to saudade times when non cynical messages ...worked! and even makes one have a good cry" 

The most extraordinary  real and martyrish  film about what must Be i have seen maybe ever...

And all there ever is on Be   ing "human.".. 
survive it ..mainly together even if rumpus... you have living together.. tomorrow

I have failed in of course, most do 
But i stll know no better relationship guidance.
at least this one has such gorgeous art and grace, never mind superb writing.