Friday 5 January 2024

2022 thank you! oops wrong year 2021!

 you whom

or is it who?

such a hard language


care about your pills

and compensatiin

fret over needles

and know what you need

and dont know identity

 is forgotten when live of a child  always trumps

and above all


creativity is for the young or even under 54 year old


you are wrong


and above all ' letting go' 

the how to or at least try to

cannot put in substack 

( which auto generates a transcript sneaky devil though it may be useful one day for a quick plain english memoir)

as there are a few banned words in that one... 

but even more above all, not my world

Sat in the libraries backing up for days, i can scientifically state, even in wo derfully  warm Pastylandshire,  3/4 of conversation of their fucking voices... whatever age

is moaning about some bug or illness or something wrong with their bodies ...  it just gets worse and worse ( excepting her the blusher)

i am not of any land in this land anyomore

Even if this was first chronichled a decade ago