Friday 5 January 2024

the last laugh, however...

 ( definately 22 feb it ends...

one year to the day...a kind of inverse handfasting)

is on her

I didn't realise until a winter of average 11ish degrees, now today down to 7 or 8...

It is as if a precise science:  below 10degrees as it was all last winter, often zero for weeks,  the mobile phone batteties simply dive

Before you know it 50% charge is zero ... 

above 10 degrees batteries last days between charges.

The effort... miles i wandered between unlocked churches  last winter to keep the phone topped up

was afterall no waste

because talk about needing to be back at top fitness once more, it took months after spring 2022 recovery to get all my fitness back...... 

and by this time a year ago, only due one phone ' connection' - i spoke with no one else really that whole winter... my my i was back ramblin' 10 miles around those socket spots most days, never even out of breath

thank you

even a genius shouldnt think she got away with being a child.

Thats not good for anyone

nor is being a 'narcissist' ( to use not her word.... but they polluted her with it so she could only parrot "bird" it) and unable to listen to or imagine  someone elses local conditions... and even compensate or accept their constraints. 

i am lucky, i always can and do 

put myself in someone elses boots

all the way

fool me