Sunday 21 January 2024

21 Jan, the rest

100s of these ( photos... gaggles of them at dawn quite often)

But i am not interested in here .... an obvious 100% playground

Where the environment was turned into Surrey decades ago, by the inhabitants...100% Surrey-Londonish
Surrey is not good, its sterile and all the"birds" are dead or full of shit
( except its extraordinary the self pity one hears even from these "look at me toughgirl dippin!" lot... that dipin here ...i knew some...)

What in fact is far more environmentally apt, is somewhere there was some left to 'steward' - my 30km circles in last region, over 25 years

there are in fact 100s of tough outdoorsey women who get soaking and  frozen to death midwinter, by choice.... 
Many.... ( her photos, soon..) 

Except rather than rebuild their own rotting wood.. fencerails left to rot.... gates unusable for years.... or even patch their own leaky shed roofs... what do they do? and this is ordinaryish middle class 'ns... ok some posh 'ns too ... 
They all moan,  incidentally about their conditions,  endlessly....except when mounted

for show

there is no other reason as you cannot eat the fuckers....well you can actually if you are a jolly good old Frog and grub is grub

They will spend days and days out at dawn... smelling of shit..
And grooming

For show
Only for show
But if one even suggests they may feel 'better'  in  THEMIX -  mind and body, and suffer actual authentic pride,  and thus smile not as a facemask,  if they do their  own fixing of fences and saggy gates

guess what

or  just give an itzy witzy on protecting and enhancing their OWN habitat ...they insta fakebook post

 you gotta be jokin

( insert loads of proof art pix from last region...15 years worth.... if i ever get a sustained quiet socket to use ... if any woman who may have one EVER means what she says that really should Be.. rewrit)

talking of whom

the real actual tragic joke on me is quite truthfully ( i am a lifetime meanderer landloper wanderer and i just notice everything as i lope.... sorry, its just me)

truth: literally everyone down here in the WHOLE SW is from central casting: an Argos catalogue if fat, or telly addicted underclass,;  Waitrose catalogue, or i am sure there are  some  more zeitgeist versions of TopShop,  for girls with a bit more money...than sense

and thats just the dogs

I find it fascinating everyone absolutely everyone making some statement via their attire... central casting:  Blairs content stupid ( crass)  image obsessed  consumer ' Worcester Woman'  class.....and thats just the men.... that  of course voted even more Tory consuming.... must have every fashion and look

no one ( but two) just look..ordinary

even if one has a fancy cowboy hat ( as do i £1 charity shop Toggi but i rarely  feel like showing off,  so...)

and of course we have the whole performative Natural Store Portobello rd chic thing  ( the performance to detract from the 500 grand local home  downsized too, having required them to have rather sharp needle jabbing poisonous elbows to afford their... house here and image so fully performed to perfection to hide the reality of how they got Monsanto or Big Pharma or  via daddy's Barclays shares) 

Except for one ( well two of course, me i have the same 3 quid charity shop togs i have owned from Kington charity shop for decades...and one fun acquisition from number one rude b in the world 2 years ago my leather jacket cos her and i woukd joust to the death about her meanness selling on Presteigne high st .. 3 months the insults were traded... her Welshness her assumptions about me- ness... i got her from 50 quid " worth 300"  everything is according to the Welsh... to 45... no one ekse has ever haggled her to a valiant equal  meet half way compromise... for FUN

cos i like tough women and didnt need a jacket, but...


Anyway back to here, that was back there, where my only journalistic efforts are focused as they been for 2 decades ( and to write anything you have to leave - such dangerous fascist there..see simonclaton2020 com it clearly says do)

Her and literally the only two, here ... who arent playing that whole horrid   showoff existence... 

And she thinks i am....  someone i am not... i guess...i cannot mind read, the only vaguely interesting mind, not from ' central casting' [ thats anINSULT if you arent furst lang English, abd still read this, too]