Monday 22 January 2024

"who are you?" " I am 'Jewish'.."

 As is shetoo

And i didn't know, until i chanced across a rather good -  in some respects, splendidly forthright speaker.

Nothing to do with Trump, simply his opening description of the 'Jewish' mind. And 'Jewish' humour!! 

In short the Jewperson's head finds much of humanity uite laughably headfuck.

And this is not ' clickbait'. Nor cultural apropriation, especially as quite rightly he explains there is no 'culture' left.

And the ' smart [ interviewer] lady' as they term her ... not really, because when i was far younger than her-  and certainly not 'smart' as none of us as thinking teens  believed in formal education,  we understood around 17 year old  yoof beers and the occasional weed, that  all was somply a ' cultural construct'. All you ever needed to know. 

So in short a ' Jewish' mindset is based on no home ( i never had one myself, which is the way it is if you leave a 'class' as you see they are all so mixed up and unhappy, and many of their privately educated kids died young)  and also laughing at the absurdity of the human condition.

And as we are only our minds, even if mind/body is indivisable at a local level ( i.e. how i feel every day at dawn: always great.. especially now we are back to +7 or 8...) good for me  for at least having a herd i know are a little similar

even if the super gorgeous lithe dusky one i stumbled across on Fakebook  after Christmas thinking

 " oh well... lets diversify... " wont answer her dog and bone 

Good for me. 

But the rest of life...

Starting put  from my so oft Jewman tabula rasa... the wanderer, the seer ( in fact; of course she hated that in me) ...  what to  ' do'?

Well i wander.. ED... and know enough forever. One great example, a month ago  meeting the holey boot walking woman in the high st.

Great mind ( even if she lies " i am said to be a bit on the spectrum"..i know a great mind as we did speak for 3 hours!) 

Her 14 year old boy,  a good mind... i believe her.

" i cannot get him out of his bedroom and off youtube... and off him.. [ a most ordinary British boy from a humbler Home Counties abode] "

" ... it is said he is the most famous man in the world .... despite legal issues....i made myself listen to the BBC interview with him a few weeks ago for research purposes...  i so pity you ... he is so so so insidiously  dangerous... i get it.... and as for the BBC... and all their smartarse ' coercion' or 'abuse' ...  the man seemingly a married man,  made millions as only one thing a pornographer ... they can talk of ' onlyfans' or women in control of their porn but he was king hubby porn...  we had Mister Playgirl...Heffner... he was  unabashed real smiley "  I am a light porno man,  like me or loathe me" ... this one ...your boy's generation'  their hero ...   not only does he not believe a woman can be a mans equal, in what became the worst journalism ever of all no one even calls porn, porn... as if no one wanks only as the only reason to go to  onlyfans [ i have never even looked at]  because  the wanking material are ' in control' of their own 'offering' even if they get far more dosh if they are routed through Tate inc... problem is.....his rhetoric also influences the non pornographers ... triggernometry cannot any more say ' my babe back home is JUST as capable of doing my job as me..and vice a versa'...  my my it all went backwards... problem is like millions of other fatherless kids   this Tate guy IS his proxy father...for is real.... "

" i know... thank you for being frank .. i needed to hear that...ive been troubled and hurting not understanding what to think... and be clear, porn is far far more insidious than hookerism... the latter you are required to treat the woman as a ' human ' ...they dont tell you that but i assure you it is true..... my old world roaming days, sometimes lonely... one learned that... "