Friday 5 January 2024

ban it


But the killer line....

The Nerudaeyesation... we spoke for more than the hour... eye to

"I know this land...i mean Hay Festival of literary tarts... Maygone...on the way here, for one reason only i vame now i was donr....i went to have a last look and chroniclate.... i mean the program  fakebook brochure...

" i measured the exact ratio of black 'n tan faces in tjir fakebook... it was 65% and almost all the white faces overtly gay despite the census stating only 3% dont want to shag the 'opposing' sex

" but just keeping on the easy to garner colour of face fakebook version... i would estimate  actual non aryan attendence under 1% among the many thousads there..i dont really care about that weasel word scam ... i do that hardly any dark faces ever get onto the land, other than for a patronizing afternoon at a workshop   bussed in as if in Kushner's bus to gaol.....

" Anyway.. even their wonky god was surpassed by the drunkard  drunk also from bathing in chip fat and self hate... vos you either are an artist whom actually goes .. all the way...or not and best not to be adored and KNOWN to be ' genius' ..or fucked by every  flygirl in Notting Hill.... cos he the ugly sweaty one... did it better... he got real life into it...

" anyway where was i...oh yes .  .England...

" you will, i know, like my recentish European literature list to live live on ..  regardless... with a twinkle in yer eye just like yours.. Bel Canto a rare  example of not just Europeans still can live, new....

" but i realised long ago... especially after one gorgeous dalliance   eminating from the whisky fumes burning off my fathers poor burned corpse  that day....

" English girls.... the way you 'tell'... i can tell not youtoo.... them that are in love with her and him.... lost... going nuts in Wutherin Heights.... its the ultimate book about being in  deathcult, neurodivrrgent, self pitying sexless love with. ... death.... .. what seperated




a would ban it..."

At which point i know something happened

No fuckin frog

or smartarse kraut with my taxcredit login  code


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 can invent a paradise 




in the worlds most gloriously nuanced 


language of them all