Friday 5 January 2024

we did not dare say

 sat that day in the park

" [ her prozac pills... the one you befriended for me with my wonkiness ... share it with her,  be friends in it with her....she shared with me the poison ...put me in there ...sixty... you would have tjought the stupid yank married to famous educator.... knew better]"

because we both knew

They had won. and some battlres would result in ( my) ..death

But to see her eyes light up... 2016

The happy thing that year.

" back in the whacky ward....after the little green men had  settled down and werent  bugging me any more...

" one day i sat at the piano in the atrium... and  belted it out  [ undergenius with her perfect voice, only person i ever heard sing dreadful Cohen's Hallelujha, and not make me feel like hating someone, fatally] full voice....and they all came out of their caves and.... sang along with me,  top of theirs"

" especially... but I'm not done...yet"

and there is only one...version