Friday 26 January 2024

But all..

 ... thus far.

Is in a way 'practice', even if i know to the exact lacuna space between the letters what is loreful, not really 

and may Be.  

Myself i care ... deeply, for real asit has been the story of my own last 25 years, and a few dead men

 i knew who should still be alive... killed emself due rural allies

...about the true story of why  it became almost impossible to have any real life as a small scale real person tending our zoo of animals  in the rural fringelands,  and even finding a few acres to rent with some slightly Barbara Goodish 

real thing who didnt mind days if sweat andbloody barbed hands

growin in tandem some veg for our pot

they did exist i knew a few.. 

fait accompli is tbey dont any more

There is however something truly dangerous to write about

Even more dangerous than the fake green Badgercidal  McCurachs..   ( he was army 8 years and though churchdean.. true pious godsquad even wrote for the godmag .   i know full well ... and he is tpo tjick yo have thought as we spoke that day atop the hill...i may have a hidden ...well actually top pocket quite visible... recorder on to capture him admitting burrying at least one alive... this is ex Horrorfordshire official county ' environment spokesman' and with his Harley household aristo  very very highchurch hipponwifey  extinction rebellion stall operator... from about 2018.. they get in quick these British chameleon  oppourtunists...for PR)

he wants to hire some sas mates to put me in the same place as rhe badgers he burried 


( more names named in audios here the last few days.. by all means find em on Fakebook and tell tales... uk world champ tale teller  . i expect it from EVERYOne...and there are plenty more  not mccurachs... i think thats right spelling all gets detypod one day.. thy just the funniest absurdist example and cannot sue or even try other legal ganes the brits so love..cos of that recording.. )

yes ..  the truly Orwellian inside look.. at being a ' tramp' 

A few days ago that last of a fair few such calls doing the ' journalism' yiur dreadful BBC Ash Sakar Owen Jones wouldnt know exists..

" ehhhh... i was thinking of taking up the    service ...i see advertised so worthily all over... but i looked a few months ago but it said thursday aft  2 hrs only... "

" ohhhh... ehhh... well because of covid we havwet managed to update our.. Fakebook... and all that...yet..."

the people your BBC have been conning you.. care..... aboutmt your fat bellies staying unhealthily fat... i guess they must all ( all dozens of 'volunteers' ) have really so fucking 'long' death defying covid they cannot possibly find one minute it would take three years ...  to update THE one key piece of info re their church / government grant /  sported xommunity service

but thats not even the slightly worse sin in a comedy of fakery and narcissm thats

... historically significant

the rest i would have to probably leave the country  to...publish 

and im no coward

and am not ready...quite yet

And every word is ( obviously) true