Friday 26 January 2024

" " I was just thinking of you...

 ... watch out for the nasty neonics ...none of the green lot did anuthing to protest against!... bet hardly any of em could even Bee bothered to email their MPs never mind write  a real letter ....


which reminds me

( new readerviewers have to go back to the start, of this, or you will assume i am someone who wishes to bbq and canibalise all vegetarians and firebomb the Natural Store... i have NO intetest in this region at all,   in fact have failed entirely in my onlyb ne alliance now does not exist....

many many years my last region was the same  and my chronicles are fullsome on respect of there... here its your funeral...... all my life i have bought my brown bread at a 'Natural Store' ... 15 years at Hay-on-wye wholefoods... " the usual  loaf of esti and dads usual Rye and fennel   please  at £1.50..." then 2008 a super smiley super sweet couple..her frontof house, perfect Foulmouth/ Gwerk costume...flowery frocks and uktra petfect expensive whicker basket actually from Primrose Hill.. she actual childbook writer rather famous... 

buy it

... not only ... ok i  only gave it a few years  now paying their 2008 40% overnight price increase .. they didnt even say sorry for in fact all their adverts says " nothing will change, farewell our beloved Mandy many years at the helm notjing will change" but it was the way not once in 2 years, twice a week these smiley " community" preachin fuckwits  ..all over their poster board... community....actually even remembered  what we, centre of that community... would buy day in and out...

its as if we didnt exist

( cos our bag only had one loaf innit 

but the COUP de grace

now ...the local buzzy one brought me here

 " thank god you too saw the hysteria in it... [yes she was an anti..but i never even asked did she get the sting... grown ups have far far more important real things to discuss]  had a lovely 2020... all the rest went hysterical...not me.." 

But i was never off duty.

And it is my duty


 to get to TWO years of photos and film


much much groovier the Kington Natural Store

for 8 years buying my wholmeal bread...

and all the ' we must reduce plastics' everywhere

funny how

2020... all the bread delivered on trays.. no bags... because of their neurotic self pitying scientifically duff, hysteria....... all bread all of a sudden   is all of a sudden all wrapped in thick large  PLASTIC  bags

oh well a few months ...humour them....

Nope last time i looked 2 years ago 


all the bread there in layers of protective plastic and their smug look " we must save ourselves,  and you ... above saving the planet we are your saviours"

i have bread, plastic, and looks well and truly chronicled. in camera

of course no one ... them my 'audience',  would read a book about ecofakery, which may just hint that it ... 2020 ...overkill... WAS  so so so much, these so called green peoples' hysteria, 95% female.. that in fact 100% lead the hysteria of 2020-1... as my scientist ex Green party  leader of many years himself discovered to his cost... they cancelled him summer 2020 for providing them with the  accurate science they asked for!

the science now so many of their kids harmed by isolation and THEIR elses theirs...

but it is those plastic  bags upon their loaves... even after 'official' line admits corvid isnt really transmitted by hand ...... to me symbolises their tyranny more than anything

not only could they not " listen" .. they couldnt even remain constant  in many year preaching  "cut out the plastic"

so my causes did end... as i say November


but of course her friggin 'stars' told her otherwise the naughty liars..

......and i dont call that any 'second sight' that works...

writing isnt a 'cause' its a responsibility we have had for about 5000 years to communicate a bit of truth even after giving up ever even caring!! i dont


because there is no point... ever... no one in uk even gets 'truth' an more, so Be it.. i am no fool

i merely operate in the dimension of maybe in 20 or 30 years some of this mindfuck gets fixed [ unlikely with even kidbook writers with not a manner between two..i saw the other one yest so they cant say they got corvid .. i will say to people i contacted "  actually maybe not... so fuckin rude, likely unreliable.... i only do reliable people,  and dont want to be associated with unreliables,  as you will assume itoo am if i ever need you..i never have been"] , in which case my descendent may realise her male ancestor wasnt bonnkers

several people do actually know i am the very least bonkers person extant

they are thus frightened of me...takes a while a few years for them to accept me

and i tell them " she is as unbonkers as me...sheknows...i know and she knows i know....but she is fearful OF herself as she knows if she plays only the sane person she is she will be ostrecised.... .and lose business in her charlatan ink factory she turned herself into.... i met my match even if .. i dint care i actually sent her a message saying she can kill me if she needs to ... IF SHE NEEDS TO.... i defer..i need nowt .. except her.. but whatever she needsbis far more important than even a whim i.may have....and  i can provide,  including my back to her swordstick well out to sea having tied an anchor to my own ankle.... and sprinkled myself with shark pheremones....and i advised her accurately how she could do so and get away with it.... .... i mean it.... only her... "