Thursday 11 January 2024

But truly superest simple.

 Perhaps only a dancer would see it.

I doubt hotyoga babes know how to see anything except their own reflection in the largest studio mirror possible ( they never mention, such a cost, and such costs require such sharp elbows to maintain, espevially as you get older and wrinklyer), within which they wont notice

how close their head is to their navel

But they cannot even really discern it due their glasses being steamed up with up the bumhole vapours 

Beginning to ponder autumn 2022, how to survive, the frigid frozen months ahead, i knew one thing above all, by pure chance of an earlier career in small spaces, albeit then at 300km/ hr... where every bodily movement may Be the diference between life and death, that surviving quite hapily even a big freeze, is above all about conservation. Not of 'heat' so much as energy. Every smallest movement if the body must be planned so as to flow ... to conserve... it may be conserve the fact that the shirt is cosily tucked in to the trousers, and not wishing to cause shirt rumpus one must move with care and foresight, every cm... or it may in fact be simply conserving  inner fuel energy  one needs to keep warm, one must plan each movement in daily life so that the momentum of one action or movement, flows seamlessly into the next.

Zen and ' buddhist' zen stuff is a lazily used duff concept ... but that little word is all there is for a fact, that i can observe many middle aged folk in daily walk or dog walk... the great majority flustered and fidgety in their movement.

Anyone who  spent time actually aside me would soon see never any fidgeting

never one movement without contemplated  usefulness ..need

I will remain still and iften do, just a notepad out, for hours at a time. Having planned what i may need from my backpack in one preplanned single movement 

This is the truest simple mode. And applies to so much more, driving to conserve juice, blah blahhh blahhh

That is the one book above all i hope i get the time and quiet soace to map out. But it must not be wanky mindful navel gazing bollocks licking dreary...

It is survival itself. Has been a fair bit if the last 14 years... So it can simply be about them, or rather prior to a year ago... the 'why' one needs to conserve energy from then.... really is interesting.

Is Britain. 

I may decry, but its a good story, or ten.

Now i have so so much to try now to weave into a nicer felten... pillowcase

And nothing else to distract. As last night i figured


Several of them.

And days more great day film bits.