Thursday 11 January 2024

The truth...ish

 Righty ho

so note to self


not selfish

(this morn In Our Time how best ever

 well 3rd best

Condorcet - the first true equality campaigner and what great argument and rhetoric.... but it is always only ever about one thing - how UK fails to understand the 'collective good' - which is not communism .. is a sort of communitarianism....but they ALWAYS approach it all from the wrong end: its the Londoner privelagistas one should feel SORRY for!

To Be...cont


Back to the truly 'happy' day, Sunday

Though I am n

not happy, this required coming indoors on a glorious sunny day

Even if 'happy' is beating the system... sometimes.

To be cont


Back soon into the sequence

The amount of young folk i have told about Lee in the last 6 months, but i bet not one listened: Lee said he is probably WRONG! and that is gorgeous hope for you, a whole career to Be discovered ...a new way of thinking

( that certainly is not this way