Wednesday 17 January 2024

But what is the case in The Hague ?

  a load of them - Hagues that is. The Hague vs the unreality of it all.

Lasternight, the second early eve hunkered down against the bug, he came back to me... the second most awful 'Rennaissance' man.

A real glutton and user. As was his Yankee woman.

Even I am astounded at the spin of it all as i enjoy pondering, it all...

The untold, which sounds gossipy hypish, I was never impressed by, and  never had any interest in from being a young man, but rewriting history, does...interest me. Especially as i suspect  that decades on, the childless men ... i see still pretending to be young men sixty.. . sucked my own into their awful world

As groomy as any Rotheram brown man... 

Except their spin operation was rather well funded

Anyway if i die any time soon, that one click is all i needed, and is the end.

Even if beautiful punctuation mark here, that now sends me, licensed, off to walk on and on... and maybe just maybe get some subsistence dosh from, something.

( the science = UV is required to even stave off dimentia!! at last they admit!!)