Tuesday 30 January 2024

" comfort eatin'"

 .. of course when phrases like this  became the staple fayre of the smuggeratti, 'twas innevitable they would need their bellies stapled at 13 grand a pop

and go on 4chan and moan about it 

( Sam Harris' latest offerings with two other world-senior ' journalists are so interesting ... later... and  he copied my natterations to the hippoCret ..[ .

Chrétien] oops its put formatting in ... no way do i waste my time putting in other keyboards  or characters to get acutes ...

..... yesterlunch " THE problem...your dire Hay crowd.. THE so called influencers of the middle classes ..UTTERLY failed to find more "human" ... to quote mylove on Christmad eve... ways of describing real life... nope they renained utterly anidyne officious.. no fuckin loonypoetry even in to their dialectic as i managed in my arrestoblog from 2010... .many thought rather good and true and human... so thats why we have only the Belfields,..  pornographer Tates  .. errata very hard porn o manchild as kids use porn adults dont need to..  ...  we needed better real middle minds... i mean Will Self... all he can do.. did is show off using wirds even i never heard of.. the total failure in new  real engaging  genuine polemic is why... the polemics went and diversified one side against the other ... into the gobberatti vs the ponceratti... ONLY free "human"  luvin funstuff  ...not pretentious no moanin,  in the middle could work.. and Peter Flirence just went and... blocked it... and me or at leadt he set spies on me following me to the pissoir if i even popped my hungry Noze in 2011 to     see what scraps i may steal.... never having said any word against him other than to his workers via twatter  ' strike' if his  anti  environment development  took place...and it worked they withdrew massive Waitrose/ housing  out if town new school  the intown just fine for decades..etc... planning apps a week later .. . i won witj one wotd these pathetic cowards are so  unable to use jokes  )